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We do not charge any fees, from the students/end users to use our service. We only make a small commission from the service providers for listing on our portal, and when you book a course through us. Part of this commission is used to finance our service and another part of the commission is passed on to our clients as a discount on the school's prices.
Due to the fact that the service providers are presented online (as opposed to printed catalogs), more information than you may find in a brochure is provided. This also reduces costs significantly. These cost savings are lowered down to our clients. This way, you can benefit from a superior service at the lowest prices available.


No, it does not. Mrclass.in is a market-place with the best academic & extra-curricular courses around your neighborhood /city. However, we are constantly approached by a large number of schools which would like to be included on our website. We list them after a screening process.

Your personal data will be treated as absolutely confidential. Only the school/ service provider that you want to enroll with will receive your data. The submission of the payment information is 100% safe as it occurs on a secure encrypted site, which is fully protected against unauthorized access. We have a secure server to process credit card payments and to guarantee that all your personal information and credit card data are safe. We handle customer data within the guidelines of Laws of the land, and complying with Customer Privacy regulations.

We value your privacy. Your personal data will be absolutely confidential and will be shared with no one else except the school/service provider in order to facilitate your booking; your Password will be kept confidential of course.

MrClass.in is a community marketplace through which people can discover, book and list academic & non-academic courses in their city. This way, students can find a wide range of schools and service providers. We maintain update information about the service providers, including any special offers among others. Apart from providing a listing platform to the service providers, we share no other relationship with them, and urge the students to choose a service provider based on their own need & independent research.

This website provides you a list of numerous service providers in your city and your desired neighborhood, in as many as 13 categories such as education, dance, arts etc. You can book a slot in the class/training of your choice for yourself or your child directly from the website; thus saving so much of time & effort. Most importantly, you can find reviews/ratings for a particular service, thus enabling you to make informed choices about enrolling in any class/service.

Just register yourself, login. It’s that easy.

Yes, for parents/children/candidates looking for the best suitable classes, it’s absolutely FREE. But for Businesses we charge a nominal amount in return for some exciting features/services. Our packages are designed for various range of usage & requirements. Here are the details : 

Price   0 p.m.  249 p.m.  499 p.m.  999 p.m.  1999 p.m.
Priority SearchNoNoNoYesYes
Personal sub-domainNoNoYesYesYes
Social Media WidgetNoNoNoYesYes
Google Map integrationNoYesYesYesYes
Photos Upload1Up to 3Up to 10Up to 25Unlimited
Videos Upload001Up to 3Up to 10
Subscriptions11Up to 2Up to 5Up to 20
Listing Period30 days180 days90 days30 days30 days
Payment methodOne time Free usePrepaid (half-yearly)Prepaid (quarterly)Prepaid (monthly)Prepaid (monthly)
Enquiries submissionNoUp to 3Up to 10UnlimitedUnlimited
Address detailsYesYesYesYesYes
Request a CallNoNoYesYesYes
FAQsNoNoUp to 3Up to 5Up to 10

MrClass helps you in discovering the best suitable class in town by bringing you the widest range of service providers for children in your locality; even those that may not be known to your circle of friends. (In case you come across something that we haven't, do let us know for the benefit of all other users like you)

Yes, we have a special verification mechanism in place to check the credibility of the information provided by all the service providers. Just look for our verified ‘tick’ mark in all the profiles and you will know if it’s verified.  

No we don’t vouch for the quality of any class/course/service. We are just a listing platform, connecting the customers to all the service providers. However, to help you in decision making, we have a review/rating mechanism which is self-regulatory in quality checking.

Yes, you surely can. We also provide one-of-a-kind booking feature directly from our website, where you can book your slot/seat with the service provider of your choice. The availability however depends on that particular service provider. 

Currently we operate only in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. However we are just getting started and have plans to expand into 2 or 3 more cities in the very near future. In a few years, we aim to go pan-India.

The registration process is very easy. Just click on the ‘Register yourself’ link on top right corner of our homepage. Fill in the basic details, confirm your registration by entering the OTP (sent to your mobile/email), agree to the Terms & Conditions, and there you go. You can access the database of our incredibly friendly website and choose the course/training of your choice.

The first step is to follow the same registration process as mentioned above. After logging in, on your dashboard you will see an option of registering your business. Fill in the basic details, confirm your listing by entering the OTP (sent to your mobile/email), agree to the Terms & Conditions, and it is done. You will be given a free one-time listing package for the 1st month (which will have limited features), after which you will be given the option of choosing one out of the 3 paid packages specially designed for everyone’s business needs.

OR you can go for one of our paid packages from the very beginning and grow your business with this one-of-a-kind website.

Don’t worry. You can make a call to our helpline number during the official working hours and let our call executive do the rest. Just co-operate with our executive, provide all the necessary details and it will be completed in a flash.

No problem, we have it covered. In the categories section, we also have a customized search box where you can look exactly for courses/trainings of your choice. Still, if it doesn’t help you, you can drop your email and contact number so that our representatives reach you within the next 12 working hours.

There's nothing better than recommendations from other users to discover what’s best. So, whether you highly recommend a place or want to warn others about a certain business, your word is important.

Yes, you surely can. Through your MrClass account you can review any service provider of your choice (we request you to keep it genuine though, which will help others like you). Registered service providers may also read your reviews and get in touch with you via MrClass account (only).

You surely can. We want to hear about your good experiences and your bad ones. Be sure to include all the relevant facts and details. However, we don’t take any responsibility in any bad experiences.

We at MrClass don’t get ourselves into giving reviews to service providers. We let the customers/users do it. Your review rating will be calculated based on the average of total number of reviews.

Reviews may not be featured on your business page for a various reasons: A user may have removed his or her review OR MrClass may have removed the review for violating our Review Guidelines or Terms of Service.

Never! When it comes to reviews, we treat all service providers equally. Giving authentic quality data to our users is of top priority for us.