Corporate Training

In today's competitive world many corporates intend to expand their business across the world. In one or the other situation the interaction with the international business partners becomes unavoidable. Thus, a working knowledge of the language of the client or vendor is extremely beneficial, both professionally & personally.

MRClass Academycaters to this need of the business executives and corporate sector by offering specific and tailored made language courses for executives, corporates, companies, educational institutions, multi-lateral agencies, Governments and individuals professionals, employees, managers, business owners and for all those who are in need of foreign languages for their business.

We offer packages for corporates whose employees have no prior knowledge of the particular foreign language, and also for the employees who wish to brush their language skills. The teaching methodology will vary from case to case and will include teaching aids like audio and multimedia. Please contact us for a quote or any further details.

Call or write to us for a training session.